Taperoo Community Centre
Family & Support Services


The Taperoo Community Centre provides a range of low-cost programs, workshops and accredited training courses for local residents and special interest groups.

A woman living with cerebal palsy became involved at the Centre through her eager participation in the photography classes.

"I love coming to these classes. It's something I can do for myself without involving my Carer. I really like the teacher and the other people in the class. I finally feel that I have found something I am good at. The Centre is like a second home to me." Susie

What can I do at Taperoo Community Centre?

The community centre offers many groups and classes:

  • computing
  • literacy
  • personal development
  • over 50's group
  • art, craft and sewing
  • photography
  • accredited training in partnership with Bedford

Please download our brochure to read more about the programs.

Who can use this service?

Community members including people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome at Taperoo Community Centre.

How do I get help?

Make an appointment or enquire.

Monday to Friday, between 9am - 5pm (during school term)


Phone:(08) 8248 2122
Fax:(08) 8248 0000

This Program is For...

  • Families And Individuals
  • Seniors
  • Youth
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • Culturally & Linguistically Diverse
  • Disability & Mental Health
  • Social Activities

Locations for this Program